Shipping policy

We ship worldwide to almost all the countries in the world. Please pick your location and you'll be able to check to shipping costs and timings of deliveries.

Please note that those are approximate prices and orders without stocks can take longer to be shipped.

The prices indicated in the purchase process refer to the shipping costs, and not to the customs expenses (unless otherwise indicated). In the event that a package is detained at customs, it will be the buyer's responsibility to pay any taxes and customs fees applied to the package. is not responsible for the cost of customs, nor the delay that they could cause to the delivery of the package. The client will not be able to return his order for this reason, except for an error made by

There are some countries where the fees applied at customs can be very high. These countries are, according to our experience: Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and Uruguay. To a lesser extent, Bolivian customs is also problematic. In them, it is discouraged to buy in our store without previously informing what the charges applied to the package would be. The purchase of a package at implies acceptance of these conditions.

Currently customs are included in shipments to: Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia.